Creative Concoctions for the Coffee Lover

Person making pour over coffee on a white table
These new caffeine combinations will add some excitement to your routine while still delivering that much-needed morning boost.

Everyone has their go-to method for drinking and brewing coffee—drip coffee, americanos, and lattes are staples for a reason. Routine is nice, but why not shake it up a bit? These new caffeine combinations will add some excitement to your routine while still delivering that much-needed morning boost.



This powerful powder is being infused into everything lately: from smoothies and croissants, to meat dishes and cakes, and for good reason—its antioxidant-rich and subtle in flavourWhile technically not coffee, matcha is a Japanese green tea powder that is believed to promote a calmer, more sustained morning energy burst. Rather than a tea bag that is steeped, matcha is mixed with water, meaning you consume all the antioxidants and vitamins contained in the leaf. 
Swap out your morning latte for matcha for an antioxidant kick. Bring your milk of choice to a low simmer in a small pot over medium-high heat. While the milk is simmering, place 1 teaspoon of matcha powder (use ceremonial grade) in a cup, slowly whisking in boiling water, then milk. Tip your cup slightly to create more foam, sweeten with your choice of honey, agave, or maple syrup.


Cold Brew

The best summertime (or anytime, really) substitute for your morning brew is definitely a cold brew. As the name suggests, cold brew coffee is brewed just like regular drip coffee—the major difference here is that the water used is cold, rather than hot. The caveat is that the process takes much longer. When cold brew first hit the coffee scene it seemed fancy and exclusive, but it’s easy to make yourself at home too. Bonus: cold brew is very high in caffeine, should you be looking for an extra morning (or afternoon) jolt.  
Start with good quality beans from your favourite roaster. Use approximately a quarter cup, ground coarsely. Add to a mason jar along with cold water, shake it up, and pop in the fridge for at least 12 hours. Strain the mixture to remove the grounds, and keep the concentrate stored in the fridge. Treat it like you would espresso, using a bit of the concentrate and adding water, milk of your choice, and ice.


Coffee Tonic

For a refreshing afternoon boost, look no further than the coffee tonic. Popularized in coffee shops across North America, the tonic combines espresso or cold brew with sparkling water and a good amount of ice. Half soda, half iced coffee—we suggest adding an exciting garnish such as cherries, a squeeze of lemon, or fresh herbs like rosemary or mint. Fizzy and bright, it’s as perfect at home in the morning as it is sipping on a patio in the afternoon.  
Pro tip: stick to beans with a fruitier taste to keep the drink light and refreshing. If you’re using cold brew, stick with a concentrate instead of a pre-mixed cold brew drink. Most importantly, always pour the tonic before the coffee to prevent it from fizzing and overflowing.


Turmeric Latte

Trying to eliminate caffeine all together? Try turmeric, the wellness world’s newest superstar. Bright gold in colour with an earthy and slightly peppery flavour, the root is native to Southeast Asia and India. Be warned: the colour stains very easily, a little goes a long way. While you can buy it fresh, opt for the ground spice in this case. Turmeric is prized in Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine for its anti-inflammatory properties, among a slew of other health benefits.

Make yourself a golden latte by combining a milk of your choice, sugar, turmeric, ginger, and water in a small saucepan and bring to boil. Remove from heat and let steep for five minutes before straining and serving.

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