Tips and Tricks for Oddly Shaped Gifts

person wrapping a vase in brown paper and twine
From ceramics to bulky sweaters, here’s how to wrap out-of-the-box shaped gifts.

We’ve all been there. You’re struggling to wrap that perfect, one-of-a-kind gift, and amid the mess of tape and ripped corners, you start to wonder why you didn’t just select something that could fit in a perfectly proportioned box. Thankfully, there are some trips and tricks to wrapping out-of-the-box shaped findsBefore giving up wrapping the gift as a bad job, take a look at these pointers to help you get your unique gift all wrapped up and ready to give.



More traditional wrapping

The sandwich method

This one works best for flat gifts with different shaped edges (think tennis racquets or oddly shaped picture frames). 

  • Lay your gift on top of two pieces of wrapping paper, making sure it is just a couple of inches longer than your gift. 
  • Cut the wrapping paper in the same shape as the gift, roughly echoing the outline of the item about 2-3 inches away from the actual gift. 
  • Remove the bottom piece of wrapping paper and layer it on top of your gift, using glue or a stapler to fasten around the edges and making a beautifully wrapped gift sandwich. 

Pro tip - if your gift is on the heavier sideuse thicker paper or canvas to help build the sandwich.


Make your own gift bag

If you’re gifting something bulky like a knited scarf, try making your own gift bag.  All it takes is some crafty folding, and you can personalize your wrapping paper for an extra-special touch.  

  • To get started, roll out thick wrapping paper into a long rectangular shape. 
  • Fold both the shorter ends to meet each other in the centre, and tape together. 
  • Fold the bottom edge about a quarter way up the bag (making another long rectangle). 

Pro tipThere are some handy how-to videos online if you need a little visual assistance!



Ditch the paper

Use a Japanese furoshiki wrapping cloth

These Japanese wrapping cloths were traditionally used to transport clothes and gifts. By the early 1100s, bath houses used them to bundle bathers’ clothes, where they got the name “furoshiki”, meaning “bath spread”. Today, these decorative fabrics are used to wrap everything from gifts to groceries. 

  • No matter the size of your gift, find, or cut, a square piece of fabric 
  • Tie your gift up. There are unlimited ways to do this, from ribbon and twine, to a number of more unique methods such as old broches or fake flowers. The only limit here is your imagination! 

Pro tipEncourage your giftee to reuse the fabric afterwards for a zero-waste option.


Use a mason jar

It’s official—mason jars can do everything. These are especially handy if you bought a lot of individual little gifts that can be packaged together. 

  • Your main job here is to decorate the outside of the mason jar. Stickers, paint, cotton balls – the world is your jar… er… oyster.  
  • To finish off, create a label with the giftee’s name on it. “Chalkboard” stickers are a popular option, as are name tags attached with twine.  

Pro tip – Decorate it in such a way that goes with your giftee’s aesthetic to inspire them to use it as a trinket holder.


Use your old wine bottles

Next time you gift a necklace or bracelet without a box, use an empty wine bottle. 

  • Have some friends over to help you empty a bottle of wine. 
  • Soak the bottle in hot water to remove the label, and clean out any wine remnants.  
  • Grab an intact cork and, and using a push pin, pin the clasp to the cork. Secure the cork in the mouth of the bottle, letting the jewelry dangle down the length of the bottle. 
  • Craft a custom label instead of a card or decorate your bottle with metallic permanent markers.  

Pro tipTo keep the gift inside hidden, using a darker toned bottle works best.


Use your old bags

Repurpose your eco shopping or tote bags solid method if you are running short on time. Not to mention, it is something they can reuse again.  

  • Cover up any logos or designs that do not match your gift’s vibe. You can employ the use of washi tape, fabric paint, or iron on patches. 
  • Attach a card or name tag to the handle of the bag. Or, if you really want to personalize it, put your calligraphy skills to the test and write their name on the handle itself.  

Pro tip - Reusable wine bags are great for circular gifts like candles, water bottles, or glassware.


Embrace the au naturel

Also known as the al fresco method, opt for simplicity in its finest form. For more intimate situations, this can be a good way to let the gift speak for itself—especially when it’s something you put a lot of thought into. 

  • Leave your gift out in the open in a place you know your giftee will stumble upon it, like the front seat of their car or under the blankets on their side of the bed.  
  • To give it a small added touch, place a personalized card or name tag on the gift.  

Pro tip – Display the gift as artfully as you can. If there are multiple parts to the gift, place them in a way that tells the story behind the gift


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