5 Sweet and Sophisticated Ideas for Surprise Romantic Dates

5 Sweet and Sophisticated Ideas for Surprise Romantic Dates
Romantic dates can make for some of the best surprises. When you want to wow your partner, try out one of these five sweet and sophisticated surprise date ideas.

Surprises are inherently romantic. A surprise gift tells your partner that you thought of them, that you wanted to do something nice for them and that you made the effort to come up with something special. It’s sweet, thoughtful and intimate.


Romantic dates are among the best surprises. When you want to wow your partner or crush, use one of these five sweet and sophisticated ideas for surprise romantic dates.


Relive your first date

A walk down memory lane never fails to stir up feelings of romance. Plan a date that replicates your first-ever meet-up as closely as possible. Make reservations at the same restaurant and ask for the same table or rent a home projector to screen the movie you saw in theaters


Tip: If you’re going out, invite your partner to meet you at your date destination, rather than heading there together. It’s much more romantic.


Rent a cool car and hit the road

For lovers who adore road trips, splash out on a luxury (or classic) car rental and whisk them away for the day or on a weekend trip. A sleek convertible or refurbished classic will cost you more than a typical car rental, however, it will be worth it to see your partner in the driver’s seat or simply enjoying the ride in style. 


Tip: If you’re renting a vehicle for your partner to drive, check to see whether the agency will need their contact information at the time of booking. You don’t want to inadvertently ruin the surprise.


Throw a for-no-reason party

Does your significant other live for planning dinner dates and gatherings with your friends and family? Surprise them with a party that requires them to do nothing but show up and enjoy. Give your guests the heads’ up that the get-together will be a surprise for your partner. Keep it low-key with tapas-style snacks, beer and wine, and maybe a board game or two (we love Cards Against Humanity 2.0).


Tip: Don’t let your partner lift a finger. 


Have dinner at the drive-in

Put a retro spin on the dinner-and-a-movie date by swapping steak-frites for a picnic and a trip to the local movie theater for a drive-in movie. Find the nearest drive-in theater (for extra charm, opt for a decades-old theater in the country) and pack a sophisticated picnic complete with pre-made cocktails or a bottle of wine, along with a charcuterie board. We recommend this wicker picnic basket. The in-movie snacking options should be decidedly less sophisticated, such as a tub of popcorn or sour candies.   



Tip: Fill your car with the right gear to take your viewing experience up a notch. Think camping chairs, blankets and pillows.



Plan their perfect day

For an “aww”-inducing surprise date, assemble a day-long itinerary chock-full of their favourite things. Start with breakfast at their beloved brunch spot, make stops at their local go-to (like their preferred park, record store, beach and or galleries), come home for happy hour featuring their favourite snacks and aperitifs, and finish it all off with dinner at a dark-and-cozy restaurant, cocktails at a neighbourhood bar or make your own with this Cocktail Class for Two.


Tip: Don’t give away your plans all at once. Let each stop be a surprise.

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