15 Easy Gift-Wrapping Techniques to Add the Thoughtfull Touch

person cutting the ribbon on a wrapped gift with scissors
Luxe techniques to make your gift wrapping as special as what’s inside.

Half the joy of receiving a present is the anticipation of finding out exactly what your loved one has gifted you. What makes the precious moments before the gift is revealed so special? The beautiful packaging it’s delivered in, experienced through all the senses. Make your giftee notice how much thought you’ve put into their gift before they even open it by trying some of these creative gift-wrapping techniques.


Add some greenery

Freshen up simple craft paper wrapping with added greenery that not only looks good, but smells good too. Wrap a string of twine around your gift and slip in a sprig of pine, sage, rosemary, or eucalyptus. To spice things up, you can even tuck in a cinnamon stick or a wrapped square of dark chocolate.


The chalkboard effect

Turn your gift into your own creative canvas. Use all-black wrapping paper and a chalkboard pen to personalize your wrapping with little notes and doodles.


The Japanese Furoshiki wrapping technique

This eco-friendly technique uses strips of patterned fabric and some strategic folding to turn gifts into immaculate little parcels. It even has a designated spot to tuck a card into—give it a Google!


Washi tape

Layer colourful washi tape over craft paper to create a linear pattern, or weave it together to create a plaid design.



For an elegant, upscale look, wrap your gifts in matte black paper, then use black ribbon with an ever-so-slight sheen to wrap each side. Top with a sprig of greenery or their favourite flower.


Use wooden letter beads

Spell out your giftee’s name using white letter beads by stringing them onto a long piece of twine or yarn. Wrap your gift in whatever paper you’d like, then wrap the twine around each side of the box, so that the beads land on top of the gift. Tie the loose ends into a bow to finish.


Make fabric flowers

There are plenty of DIY instructions online on how to make beautiful fabric flowers out of scrap chiffon or silk. Fasten them directly onto a neutrally wrapped gift for a decorative punch, or glue them to a hair clip for your giftee to reuse.


Use double-sided tape for clean edges

Can’t stand the look of taped edgesOpt for some double-sided tape to achieve perfect edges. Simply place the double-sided tape under the edge of paper you wish to secure.


Cut gift tags from cardstock

Trace gift tag-sized shapes onto a piece of white or brown cardstock, cut them out, and punch a hole for a ribbon. Dress them up with metallic markers, glitter or confetti, and secure to your gift for a subtle personal touch.


Tissue paper pom poms

Cut super-thin strips into a stack of layered, multicoloured tissue paper. Pinch at the centre and fasten to the top of your gift and fluff up the tissue strips into a pouf.


Use white takeout boxes

A white takeout box makes the ideal blank canvas for decorating however you wish: try adding greenery, colourful string or twine, and one of your custom-made gift tags. Just don’t forget to clean out your takeout box first!


The Pringles can cookie jar

If you are gifting homemade cookies or another small baked good, try putting an old Pringles can to use (the metallic interior is actually water resistant and will keep them fresh). Wash out the inside, dry, and gently place your cookies inside. Next, wrap the tube with thick coils of ribbon, fabric, or metallic paper. Top with a bow, and you're good to gift!


Create your own stamps

Use halved citrus fruits, carve your own shape into half a potato or even use an Xacto knife to slice a tiny heart into a pencil eraser. Dip your homemade stamp into paint and press across neutral wrapping paper for a cheerful print.


Create your own mini flower bouquet

Pick or purchase some of your loved one's favourite flowers. Cut the stems to an appropriate size and secure your bouquet with a piece of twine or ribbon. Secure to the top of a craft paper-wrapped gift for a colourful touch.


Add a Polaroid

Wrap your gift in luxe, navy blue tissue paper and fasten with a white ribbon. Tuck a Polaroid or strip of photobooth photos under the ribbon and secure with double-sided tape. A super-simple trick for instant personalization that is sure to make your loved one nostalgic.

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