Signature Cocktails for Everyday Occasions

four drinks on a wooden table in a rustic kitchen
Celebrate all of life’s wins together with these delectable, memorable drinks.

It seems ridiculous to craft a fancy meal and drinks for a mundane Tuesday evening, but that’s what makes it even more fun. Rushing from place to place, and task to task, we’ve gotten pretty good at sticking to a routine. We’re conditioned to wait for an excuse to celebrate, and it’s almost always something huge, like a birthday, getting engaged, or graduating from college. While those are absolutely times to celebrate and come together, all the little wins in between have gotten, well, a little glossed over.

There are thousands of little things to celebrate every single day. From carving out time in the day for self care, to finishing a project at work, to making it to the gym, to making a great playlist —these seemingly insignificant things are often taken for granted. A simple way to start being more thankful for all the little things around you is to start celebrating them.

And what better way to celebrate than with a signature cocktail for the special occasions in your loved ones’ lives? Making a book of cocktail recipes designed specifically for the important things in your best friends’, partners’, or family members’ lives is perhaps even more memorable than a perfect gift; it’s a promise to keep connecting with them through whatever life throws their way, and to be their biggest supporter during it all. Here’s how to celebrate the little victories, and mark the occasion with a special drink.


Pick Your Occasions

First, get your mind off of the typical-holiday track, and pick different occasions you could celebrate: things they’ve accomplished, or an activity you could do together. Personalize the gift by theming the cocktails around celebrating random things only your partner would find amusing.


Some things you could celebrate:


  • A random weekday date night (Tequila Tuesdays, anyone?)
  • Landing a job promotion (or even “I finally got a smile from my boss at work today” day)
  • Breakups (because who says we should only celebrate those getting engaged? Try a Breakup Breezer, or a There-Were-Red-Flags Rossini.) 
  • Finishing the final episode of a favourite series 
  • Making it through a social interaction without making a dad joke 
  • Winning your Fantasy Football pool 
  • Cleaning the entire house without being asked 
  • Welcoming Cozy Sweater Weather 
  • Got up early to go for a run 
  • Shortest commute time of the month 
  • Movie Marathon 

Because really, isn’t every Friday just a celebration of making it through the week? Why not celebrate making it through the little obstacles of each day, and remembering all the good things that happened during it.


Choose your cocktails

You don’t have to be a mixologist to make a signature drink. Just start with what kind of alcohol your giftee is partial to, then pick some recipes that match each occasion. You can find plenty of delicious recipes on cocktail sites from experienced bartenders.

Some sites to start your search:


  • Arsenic Lace - Bitter Blood Orange French 75 
  • Punch - The Mystical One 
  • Bartender - Plantino Martini 
  • Intoxicology - 25 Classic Cocktails 
  • Craft and Cocktails - Grapefruit Vanilla Thyme Fizz 
  • Imbibe - Shiso Southside 
  • The Drink Blog - Chocolate Maple Pecan Cocktail 

Feel free to make any tweaks to recipes to truly tailor it to your gift, like naming them something related to the occasion or an inside joke (when in doubt, go with alliteration. A Let’s-Move-To-Moscow Mule when you’re getting evicted from your apartment. A You’re-Getting-Old Fashioned when they buy a new house for the first time. A Boss-Lady Boulevardier when they finally get that raise.)


Making the book

Pairing each recipe with a specific occasion, write the instructions for crafting the cocktail on a piece of paper, or, go digital and create a shared google doc with all the info & photos. For added touches you can add instructions on how to drink the cocktail, “best enjoyed with the company of your charming partner after a long week at work”, and tiny descriptions about the occasion you’re celebrating.



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